Input voltage: AC120VAC(FXT)
Output voltage: 9 to 15VDC variable
Output voltage variation: less than 3%
Protection: short-circuit, Automatic current limiting over 30A over-temperature
Output current: FXT 32A(max), 30A(continuous) MVE 30A(max), 25A(continuous)
Ripple: less than 50mVp-p at rated load
Fuse: 8A
Meter: single volt/current meter, back-lit
Size: FXT 190(w) x 69(h) x 181(d) mm
Weight: FXT approx. 2.5 Kg
This switching power supply packs a lot of features into a compact, lightweight design that features 9-15VDC variable output and delivers up to 25amps, 30 peak. Unlike other “switchers”, it’s electrically quiet. But if you should find noise, don’t worry! The patented Noise Offset Circuit lets you move the switching noise you might find to another frequency. Other features include a large illuminated “instrument-class” Volt/Amp meter, rear panel binding posts (30A peak), front panel cigar outlet (10A), two pairs of snap-in terminals (5A max.) and USB ports (2A max.), front panel voltage adjust, customer-defined output voltage “memory”, ripple less than 50mVp-p and triple circuit protection for short-circuit, over temperature, and current limiting!

* USB ports may not work for charging cell-phones/mobile phones due to special charging circuits of those devices.