Ultra Compact HF/VHF/UHF Multimode Rig, small size (5.3″ x 1.5″ x 6.5″)
Five watts on all HF bands, plus the 50 MHz, 144 MHz, and 430 MHz bands, on all popular operating modes: USB/LSB/CW/AM/FM/Packet/PSK-31/RTTY.

Wide Receiver Frequency Coverage, 100 kHz – 56 MHz, 76 – 108 MHz (W-FM only), 108 – 154 MHz, and 420 – 470 MHz.

Two Antenna Connectors for Ease of Installation.
Convenient BNC connector for attachment of a whip or VHF/UHF rubber flex antenna (supplied).
Receiver Enhancement Features;
• IF Shift – For reduction of adjacent-frequency interference.
• IF Noise Blanker – For reduction of ignition and other impulse-type noise.
• IPO (Intercept Point Optimization) – Bypasses RX Preamp on HF/50 mHz for improved performance during strong-signal conditions.
• ATT (Front End Attenuator) – For more pleasant reception of very
strong signals.

Outstanding CW Features;
• CW “Semi Break-in,” with T?R recovery delay programmable from 10ms ~ 2500 ms. At 10 ms setting, performance emulates QSK operation.
• CW Reverse: provides BFO injection from LSB-side, instead of default USB-side.
• CW Pitch Control: adjusts TX offset and (identical) sidetone between 300 Hz and 1000 Hz in 50 Hz steps; this allows precise spotting on DXstations. Sidetone level is adjustable.
• Built-in Electronic Keyer, with speed adjustable between 4 WPM and 60 WPM, and Weight (Dot:Dash Ratio) adjustable between 1:2.5 and 1:4.5.
• For emergency use, the Menu allows you to set up the Microphone’s [UP] and [DWN] keys for generation of “Dots” and “Dashes” on CW!
A wealth of information is available on the front panel LCD:
• When you have to be away from the radio for a few minutes, but would like a visual indication of activity while you’re away, activate the Spectrum Scope Monitor. The Spectrum Scope Monitor allows you to watch activity ±5 channels from the current operating frequency.
• The LCD illumination color may be set to either Blue or Amber color, using the Menu.
• Watch for low battery trouble using the Battery Voltage Meter display selection.
• For ease of viewing while outdoors, you can double the size of the frequency display
High Performance Collins® Mechanical Filter Options, choose the 7-pole YF-122C (500 Hz bandwidth), or for very natural-sounding SSB select the 10-pole YF-122S (2.3 kHz bandwidth).

Internal Battery Power, shipped from the factory with a battery tray for 8 “AA” batteries, optional FNB-72 Ni-Cd battery pack.