The FT-950, the newest radio in the direct lineage of the FTDX-9000 and FT-2000 series radios, has been developed to fit the needs of both casual and serious DX enthusiasts.


160 – 6 meters, 100 Watts of Reliable Power. Solid SSB and CW power on 160 through 6 meters adjustable in increments from 5 watts to the full 100 watt output. AM – 5 to 25 watts output.
General Coverage Receiver 30 kHz to 56 MHz
High Speed Automatic Antenna Tuner
Yaesu’s Popular Front Panel Proprietary High-visibility Fluorescent Display (VFD)
Front Panel Block Diagram Display for Function Status
Optional External Data Management Unit – DMU-2000
* Spectrum Scope with LBWS – The RF Band Scope allows you to view activity within a span of 25 kHz, 100 kHz, 250 kHz, 500 kHz, 1 MHz, or 2.5 MHz.
*Swept-Frequency SWR Display – As you tune across the Amateur band and transmit at different frequencies, the DMU-2000 will plot the SWR across the band, alerting you to any unusual SWR situations, etc.
* Memory Channel List – You may edit and confirm your memory frequency channels, with ease on your big screen, such as to add an alpha/numeric “Tag” to each memory for quick recall of the channel’s identification.
* World Clock Display -The World Clock function includes a world map with entries for a number of locations throughout the world, so that you will see what the time of day at the other end of our QSO or anywhere in the world.
*Sunrise/Sunset depiction, which shows the “Gray Line” area where propagation frequently is enhanced. An alarm feature is also included, to alert you of a schedule time.
* Rotator Control Function – The Rotator Control Function includes the Great Circle Map that allows you to aim your directional antenna accurately.
* Log Book Feature – By connecting an after-market keyboard and monitor to the DMU-2000, you can utilize the on-board logging capability
Optional Fully-automatic External RF µ-Tuning – RF Mu-Tuning Kit
World Famous Yaesu Flywheel-effect Oversized High-quality Main Tuning Dial
Triple-conversion super-heterodyne receiver
Yaesu 32-bit floating point IF DSP
Robust Receiver Front End
Digital PLL for Outstanding Local Oscillator Performance
Three (3) Factory Installed 1st IF Roofing Filters
CONTOUR Control function with natural analog touch
World-renowned variable IF WIDTH and IF SHIFT Interference Reduction Systems
IF Noise Blanker
DSP Digital Noise Reduction
Manual IF Notch and Beat-reducing Automatic Digital Notch Filter (DNF)
Analog-sounding High-quality Digital SSB Modulation
Transmit Monitor Feature
Renowned YAESU Speech Processor for that Contest or DX Pile-up Punch
Parametric Microphone Equalizer
Built-in TCXO for State-of-the-Art Stability
CW Zero-in Feature
CW Spot Feature
Additional CW Capabilities
• Separate KEY jacks on the front and rear panels
• Built-in Electronic Keyer with 4-60 WPM Speed control
• Electronic Keyer Weight control
• Keyer paddle Dot-Dash reversal
• “Bug” keying emulation
• CW Full Break-in
• Five-channel Message Memory (50 characters each)

• Automatic insertion of incrementing contest number into stored messages
• Automatic “Beacon” keyer mode
• CW “VOX” Delay is adjustable: 30 ms – 3000 ms
• CW Mode reversal (USB or LSB injection)
• CW keying available during SSB operation
Contest-ready Antenna Selection Capabilities
Quick Split Function
TXW (Transmit Frequency Watch) function
And much more for the active HF and 50MHz enthusiasts
• Quick Memory Bank (QMB) for instant storage and recall of frequency/mode information.
• Five-channel digital voice message memory function for repetitive voice messages with each channel capable of storing up to 20 seconds of audio using the optional DVS-6.
• The optional FH-2 Keypad provides message storage and recall of voice and CW messages together with remote control functions.
• VOX (Voice-operated TX/RX control)
• MOX (Manual TX/RX control)
• All-mode Squelch function
• 50-tone CTCSS Encoder/Decoder for FM operation
• Automatic Repeater Shift function with 88.5Hz PL Tone Encoder for 29 MHz FM.
• Wide/Narrow modes for AM and FM
• LOCK function
• Flexible, easy-to-use VFO/Memory command selections: VFO A VFO B , VFO A VFO B, VFO/Memory, Memory VFO A, VFO A Memory
• Memory Channel Offset Tuning function (MT)
• Versatile Scanning Capability
• Versatile Menu Mode for customization of setup and features
• Constant-level rear-panel (transmit + receive) audio sound recording jack
• Comprehensive external RS-232C computer control (CAT) protocol
• The Rotator Control function which enables you to control the speed and direction of a YAESU G-800DXA, G- 1000DXA, or G-2800DXA rotator using 10 key pad.
• Various easy connection availability for RTTY, SSTV, PSK31, JT65 (EME) and other digital modes
• Optional VL-1000 Quadra System HF – 50MHz Linear Amplifier for fully-automatic operation
• General coverage reception: 30 kHz – 60 MHz (specifications guaranteed only in Amateur bands)
• Mode-optimized Automatic AGC decay selection (OFF/SLOW/MID/FAST)
• Versatile Memory system: 99 channels and up to 5 Memory Groups
• Four-position receiver front-end attenuator (0/6/12/18 dB) for operation in noisy or strong signal reception environment