Dual-Band Mobile Designed To Support All-Weather Outdoor Motorsport Activities.


Rugged Construction. The main body is solid die-cast aluminum sandwich structure which doubles as the heat sink providing more than enough air-cooled ventilation for the power modules.
Compact and Light Weight. Size: 4.4”W x 1.5”H x 7.0”D. Weight: 2.9 pounds.

Heavy Duty Yet Easy to Operate. Large Multi-function dial & durable keys that are easy to operate…even when wearing gloves.
Plenty of RF Reliable Power Output. 50W on 2m / 40W on 70cm.
Detachable waterproof front panel. *The FTM-10R/E die-cast Main Body chassis section is NOT a waterproof structure.

AF Dual Monitor function. Connect your IPod!
Intercom to communicate with fellow passengers
Automatic Volume Control
Receive and Transmit Text Messages
Unique Delay VOX function
Bluetooth Connectivity
Independent AM/FM broadcast receiver
High power 8-watt PA communications with optional speaker
Smart Key on front panel for quick access to most important functions
Club Channel Monitor
Smart Search
500 Channel Band Group Memory System
Automatic Range Transponder System
Event Timer Stopwatch
Wireless Cloning
Time-out Timer
DC input voltage display
Tone control
Band Up/Down key for easy operation
Simple key locking
Display brightness control
Three transmit power levels: 50W (70cm: 40W) / 20W /5W
Various scanning features
The Internet Connection Feature can be used to access the Vertex Standard WiRES-II system