Serves as a dedicated tuner for Kenwood radios: just press the Tune button on the radio.

The LEDs on the front panel indicate tuning status, and will show a match in seconds, or even less of you’ve tuned on or near that frequency before; the KT-100 has 2,000 memories for instant recall of the tuning parameters for your favorite bands and frequencies.

If you have an AT-300 compatible Kenwood radio, you can simply plug the KT-100 into your transceiver with the provided cable; the interface powers the tuner, and the Tune button on the radio begins a tuning cycle. The supplied interface cable makes the KT-100 a dedicated tuner for most modern Kenwood transceivers. There are no extra cables to buy, we even include the coax patch cable from the radio to the tuner so it’s ready to go right out of the box.


Technical Specs:
– 0.1 to 125 watt power range (SSB and CW), 100W on 6M.
– 2000 memories for instantaneous band changing.
– Controlled from Kenwood Tuner button on radio. Powered from Kenwood radio.
– Works with any Kenwood radio that is AT-300 compatible.
– Partial radio list: TS-50, TS-480 (not HX), TS-570, TS-690, TS-850, TS-870, TS-2000.
– Tuning time: 0.1 to 6 seconds full tune, 0.1 seconds memory tune.
– 1.8 to 54.0 MHz coverage. Built-in frequency sensor.
– Tunes 6 to 1000 ohm loads (16 to 150 on 6M), 6 to 4000 ohms with optional 4:1 Balun.
– For Dipoles, Verticals, Vs, Beams or any Coax Fed Antenna.
– Optional external Balun allows tuning of random length, long wire or ladder line fed antennas.
– Includes Kenwood interface cable and coax jumper. Ready to use right out of the box.
– Small Size Enclosure: 6.5L” x 6.5W” x 1.5H”.
– Weight: 2 pounds

For use with TS-480HX: Kenwood has programmed the 480HX so that if it detects an external tuner, it will limit the RF power to 100 watts. It is not modifiable as far as we know. While the KT-100 can be connected to the 480HX, the radio will never transmit more than 100 watts. We would normally recommend the LDG AT-200Pro for the TS-480HX if the full 200 watts is required.