The HEIL PR 20 UT (Utility) is the award winning dynamic PR 20 microphone with fewer accessories and simpler packaging to help reduce the cost. The PR 20 UT comes with a stainless mesh grill, a foam windscreen, and a mic clip in a vinyl zipper bag. Specifications and performance characteristics remain at the high level that the PR 20 brings – wide frequency range, the ability to handle +140 dB SPL, and -35 dB of rear rejection – that make the PR 20 and PR 20 UT the answer for a wide range of professional applications. No cutting corners on the microphone here… open a PR 20 UT and you are getting a PR 20.


– Superior live sound vocal microphone
– Perfect Mid range articulation
– Wider Frequency range
– Absolute best snare drum microphone
– Heavy steel construction
– Assembled and Tested in Illinois
Technical Specs:

– Frequency response: 50 Hz-18 kHz
– Polar pattern: cardiod
– Impedance: 600 ohm balanced
– Output level: -52.9 dB
– End fire generating element: 1 1/8″ diameter dynamic
– Polarity: pin 2+
– Magnet structure: neodymium, iron & boron
– Case structure: steel
– Dimentions:
o Length: 7.25″
o Diameter: 1.65″
o Stem diameter: 7/8″
o Weight: 9 oz
– Finish: matte black lacquer