Proset Plus




Comfortable for long operating stints, the Pro Set Plus represents the highest evolution of the Heil Sound Boom Mic/Headset line. The oversized earmuff-type headsets provide 40 dB of outside sound rejection, and the ear pad covers are removable for easy washing. The headband is cushioned and self adjusting-truly a fantastic piece of mechanical engineering that delivers superb comfort.


The Pro Set Plus is wired in a stereo configuration, making them easy to integrate into your SO2R station, and ideal for rigs like the FT-1000D that have a “Balance” control for Main and Sub receiver audio levels.

Two versions of the Pro Set Plus are available. The standard version includes both the HC-4 DX Dream Machine and the HC-5 full-range elements. The Pro Set Plus iC includes the HC-4 plus the high-performance “iC” electret element; this model comes packaged with the AD-1 iC adapter cable that matches the Icom 8-pin round connectors used on rigs like the IC-7800/781/751 and the Pro series. The microphone boom can rotate 180º, allowing you to configure the boom on the left or right side.

Also provided on the Pro Set Plus is Heil Sound’s exclusive phase reversal technology, which allows the user to “move” the incoming signal by engaging the phase-reversal switch; this creates a unique spatial widening sound that can, in some situations, significantly improve copy in a tough DX pile-up.

The Pro Set Plus is delivered with a foam wind-screen for the microphone, as well as two washable cotton ear-pad covers that help make the vinyl ear pads much smoother and cooler to wear.