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RIGrunner is the most convenient and safest way to connect all of your 12 volt equipment to a power source. It uses the excellent Anderson PowerPole connectors, standardizing all of your 12 VDC connections.

Technical Specs:
40 amp 12 VDC continuous duty with 12 outlets.
Precision voltage monitoring with visual/audible alarm for over and under voltage.

– Built in USA to IPC-610 commercial manufacturing standards by an ISO9002 facility.
– Printed circuit board .062 FR4 material, extra heavy 3oz. copper, with greater than 1″ wide high current traces.
– Double sided, plated through holes, solder mask over bare copper, silk screened commercial grade printed circuit board.
– Enclosure: .062 aluminum, with attractive and extremely durable powder coat painting and clear silk screen labels.
– Power connectors: exclusively Anderson Power Products Powerpoles®.
– Connectors are arranged according to the ARES/RACES standard (see our links).
– Fuses installed are standard ATC/ATO automotive fuses available in 10 values from 1 to 40 Amps.
– Stainless steel hardware with PEMâ„¢ threaded mounting standoffs