Straight Key Standard


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For the first time in its 100+ year history, Vibroplex has a straight key in its key line.

A heavy solid steel base anchors the straight key to the operating position. The lever arm pivots in the famous chromed mainframe. A stainless steel spring allows complete control of the tension. And, of course, the Straight Key has the famous brass Vibroplex logo plate with a unique serial number pinned to the top of the base with stainless steel pins. With the logo plate attached, the new Straight Key is destined to become the latest Vibroplex Collectible.

The Straight Key has a unique mechanical action, unlike any straight key that has ever been manufactured! Yet, the smooth action and heavy steel base allow the operator to send perfect code. The Straight Key Standard has a neat, crisp black textured finish base with bright decorative top parts.

Weight 3 lbs. Cord not included.