Kenwood TM-D710GA


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Kenwood TM-D710GA

144/440MHz FM dual bander with APRS and Built in GPS.


• Equipped with “APRS ®” data communication system
• Bulit-in 1,200/9,600bps TNC compliant with AX.25 protocol
• NMEA0183 GPS port
• APRS® ready (position / message / operation frequency etc.)
• APRS weather station ready
• Large separate panel makes the series easy to operate
• Large LCD with choice of two backlight colors
• High-power output (VHF/UHF: 50W)
• Dual receive on same band (VxV, UxU)
• 1,000 multifunction memory channels
• EchoLink ® memory
• EchoLink ® Sysop mode for node terminal operation

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